I Am Come to Fulfill

I Am Come to Fulfill

Does the law really consist of just a set of outward rules or commandments for us to follow? Did Jesus come to rid us of our duty to God?

In this series of six messages from the most famous sermon of all time, Justin Huffman reminds us that we are no longer under the law, but under grace -- and that grace demands more of us than the law ever did! Because grace demands heart-worship.

In this message, we consider Jesus' own claim that he claim: "I am come to fulfill the law."

How did Jesus Christ fulfill the law? By being Whom they predicted and pictured, by keeping its commands throughout his life, by satisfying the demands of the Law on the cross, and by planting and nourishing this righteousness in us.

How can we fulfill the law? Our pursuit of perfection does not turn us to the law, but to the righteousness of the Christ who fulfilled it.

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