What is a Podcast?

When I began working for Elder Bradley and the Baptist Bible Hour several years ago, I was humbled and amazed by the fact that he had been on the air 15 years longer than I’ve been alive! And I’m no teenager (I have grandchildren). During his long ministry years Elder Bradley has seen many changes in technology. He recalls recording early broadcasts on wire, then moving to reel-to-reel tape, on to cassette tape, then CDs, and now digitally direct to a computer.

Many Christian leaders, including Elder Bradley, have not shied away from using new technologies as a way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. From Martin Luther embracing the printing press to Billy Graham utilizing television, Christian across the centuries have taken advantage of new methods to share timeless truths. Today, a wonderful new opportunity is the podcast.

What is a podcast? A podcast is a series of spoken word, audio episodes, all focused on a particular topic or theme. The most convenient way to access a podcast is through an app on a smart phone. Apple products have a built-in app called Podcasts; Android users can download a variety of podcast apps (just search “podcast”). Once the app is on your phone you can search for The Baptist Bible Hour and listen to Elder Bradley anytime you desire. The BBH podcast is exactly the same as both the weekend and daily editions of our radio program. You can even save a favorite episode of the podcast to your device and listen to it as many times as you want. An added plus: it's free of charge! 

The beauty of a podcast is that you can listen at any time, anywhere - you do not need to tune in to a specific radio station at a specific time of day, but you can listen on your own schedule. In fact, the BBH podcast is currently being accessed by listeners around the world in countries such as Russia, Germany, Spain, and others.

Help spread the word! Now the message of the gospel through the Baptist Bible Hour is not limited to a certain time or place but is accessible around the world. Praise God for technologies that can help spread the Good News!

By: James M. Kenniv
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