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Take heed to yourself and the doctrine


CPBC hosted our annual conference for pastors and deacons Tuesday, March 18 through Thursday, March 20. The theme for the 2008 preachers’ meeting came from Paul's instruction to Timothy: “take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine” (1Timothy 4:16). Here we find two of the most important responsibilities of every gospel minister. We are to first keep a careful watch over our own heart, our own life; we cannot lead the people of God closer to Christ if we are not pursuing an ever deeper intimacy with Christ ourselves. On the other hand, we must also give diligence that every word that we speak to the congregation about God is true — our doctrine must be right. We therefore made it our intention to consider together some ministerial character traits and doctrinal essentials to which every gospel minister would do well to take special heed. We must ever be vigilant concerning our own walk with Christ, as well as careful concerning the things we say about Christ. I am thankful for the quality of each presentation and for the Lord's blessing on each message. My prayer is that this meeting will revive in each of us a passion for pure teaching, illustrated for our flock by our pure living. For those who are interested or were unable to attend, we will be making the CDs available for purchase from the BBH within the next few weeks.

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