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My soul breathed after God


I recommend to you David Brainerd's Blog , as well as this excerpt from it:

Thursday, Sept. 24th (before his death from tuberculosis on October 9th):

My strength began to fail exceedingly; which looked further as if I had done all my work: however, I had strength to fold and superscribe my letter. About two I went to bed, being weak and much disordered, and lay in a burning fever till night, without any proper rest. In the evening I got up, having lain down some of my clothes; but was in the greatest distress that ever I endured, having an uncommon kind of hiccough; which either strangled me, or threw me into a straining to vomit; and at the same time was distressed with griping pains.

Oh, the distress of this evening! I had little expectation of my living the night through, now indeed had any about me; and I longed for the finishing moment! ---- I was obliged to repair to bed by six o'clock; and through mercy enjoyed some rest; but was grievously distressed at turns with the hiccough. ----

My soul breathed after God. -- "When shall I come to God, even to God my exceeding joy?" Oh for his blessed likeness!