Life is more!

Last night I shared a message with the church from Luke 12:15 & 23 -- "Life is more !"

In these hard economic and socially disintegrating times, it is wonderful to be reminded that life does not consist of the things we possess. In fact, in 12:22-31 the "moreness" of the life we have in Christ is powerfully emphasized: God feeds the birds, who have no soul; of how much more value are we to Him? God clothes the grass with better than kings' raiment; how much more will He clothe us?

There is a better food, a better raiment that we are promised in Christ, so life is so much more than just what earth-provisions we can amass. We too often take comfort in the "these things" that will be added to us when we seek first the kingdom, but it is the kingdom of Christ that is the great prize...all the rest is just things.