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Jerry Falwell dies at 73… what is your life?

Jerry Falwell died today unexpectedly, at the relatively young age of 73. Apparently, he got up this morning, ate breakfast with a colleague, went into his office as usual... and was found there later in the morning, unresponsive.

After praying for his family, his church, and others that will doubtless be affected by his death, I was made to ponder the truth of James' blunt Q&A, in his epistle: "what is your life? It is... a vapor" (James 4:14). It appears at one moment and vanishes the next.

This truth should force us all to the question, yet again: what is your life? What are your main themes, goals, achievements? How long will you last, best-case-scenario? What do you want to accomplish before the end?

May the stark reminder of our frailty drive us to the one unchanging, unchangeable God. May His purposes consume our life, so that our short dash here will have truly eternal significance. That's the only way it can.

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