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Foxe’s Christian Martyrs


Here is an excerpt from the book we are now offering as our way of saying “Thank you” for your gift of any amount. It is our hope that these true stories of Christian heroes will inspire you to greater courage in your Christian witness as well:


Venus, the goddess of love, was revered by the Romans, and April was considered the appropriate month to celebrate the triumphs of this goddess. During the month, her temples were thronged with worshippers and her marble statues were decked with flowers.

Severus, a Christian centurion in the Roman army, dared to raise his voice against this popular custom, not only refusing to take part in the heathen ceremony but denouncing Venus herself.

Enraged by his words, the crowd seized Severus and dragged him before the judge. He repeated his beliefs firmly in the judge’s presence and was condemned to be taken before the temple of Venus to be insulted, stripped, and scourged with a whip called the plumbetae, which had lead balls tied at the end of each of its thongs.

Severus was beaten by two strong men, delivered over to the public executioners, and beheaded.

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