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The Christian's Love To Christ

The following is an excerpt from The True Christian’s Love to the Unseen Christ, written by English pastor Thomas Vincent over 300 years ago. 

It is observed, and it is greatly to be lamented, that there is, of late years, a great decay in the power of godliness among those that are sincere; and is it not evident in the great decay of love, even in true Christians, unto Jesus Christ…Is it not evident that you have but little love to Christ when He is but little in your thoughts and meditations?…You can think often of your food, but how little do your thoughts feed upon Christ, who is the Bread of Life? You can often think of your raiment, but how little do you think of the robes of Christ’s righteousness? You can think often of your earthly friends, but how little do you think of Jesus Christ, your friend in heaven?…

Moreover, does it not argue little love to Christ that you speak so little of Him and for Him in conversing one with another? If you had much love to Christ, would not this love breathe forth more in your discourses?…

You can readily discourse of news and public occurrences…but when you leave Christ quite out of your discourse, it shows that you have not an abunacance of love to Him because, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak of their riches. Such as have much love to pleasures will be often speaking of that subject; such as love their friends much will be often speaking and commending them when they are in company. And when you speak but little of Christ, it is a sign that you love Him but little.


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