Bible Memory Plan

Here is an excerpt from the book we are giving away this month, with your donation of any amount:

"The Bible Memory Plan is designed for anyone who wants to memorize the Bible. Fazed by that thought, because you aren't "good at memorizing"? Then this book is just the book for you.

The plan starts out with short verses and slowly expands to longer passages. Along the way are many tips, including memorization methods and bits of encouragement that make learning easier. Verses are identified by topic, so you can relate them to one another."

Week 1

Bible Memory Verse:

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1

Topic: Our God

Insight: These opening words of the Old Testament form the foundation of our knowledge of God.

Tips and Encouragement:

Read the verse aloud to yourself or whomever you're memorizing with.

Some people learn better by sound, while others learn visually. Identify how you learn best and spend most of your time using that kind of method. Later chapters will introduce you to many methods of memorization.