Believing in God

While most people will say they believe in God, what they believe about God covers a wide spectrum of ideas and opinions. Some say, “I believe in a supreme being but that’s about as far as I can go.” Some say, “I believe in God,” but assume that we all believe in the same God no matter what our point of view may be.

The one true and living God has revealed His eternal power in creation (Psalm 19:1-3, Romans 1:18-20). If we then recognize God had the power to create the heavens and the earth and create man to live on the earth, we should have no problem believing that He is also able to provide us a book through which He gives us the truth about Himself (Psalm 19:7-8, 2 Timothy 3:15-17).

In His book, the Bible, we learn that God is from everlasting (Psalm 90:20), that He is Holy (Isaiah 6:1-3), He is sovereign (Psalm 115:3), He is a God of wrath (Psalm 7:11), He is love (I John 4:8), He is a God of mercy (Psalm 100:5), and He is the God of grace (I Peter 5:10).

Since God’s law demands perfection and all of the human race has sinned and come short of His glory (Romans 3:23), we all stand in need of a Savior. The good news of the gospel is that Jesus Christ is that Savior (Luke 2:10-11). He came to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). He died for sinners (Romans 5:6-8), and that is certainly good news to those who see that they are sinners in God’s sight.