Anniversary Month

February is Anniversary Month for the Baptist Bible Hour as we celebrate the completion of 68 years on the air. I hope you will make it a point to hear the Anniversary broadcast on February 7th

We encourage all our listeners to write during February and let us know the station or web site where they hear the program. We have a booklet designed to give you encouragement, which we will send to all who write and request it.

We have always sent a letter to everyone on our mailing list reminding them about Anniversary month and the response to the letter has always brought in much needed support. This year we were unable to send the letter because Covid affected all our staff. I hope you will receive this note as a reminder we need support from our listeners if we are to continue on the air.

I am thankful to report that after three weeks in the hospital my wife, Emily, has been transferred to a rehab facility. She is making slow progress but is very weak. Please pray for her.

By: Lasserre Bradley, Jr.