55 years on the radio

When I made the first broadcast of the Baptist Bible Hour fifty-five years ago this month, it was on one local station and was done live from the church auditorium at 8:30 Sunday mornings.


A year later we started adding other stations and I am indeed thankful the Lord has blessed us to continue on the air for so many years.

I frequently meet people who tell me they have listened to the Baptist Bible Hour from earliest childhood and that it has been a consistent source of spiritual blessing in their life. Ministers have shared how they came to believe the doctrines of grace through listening to our broadcast. Prisoners consistently write to let us know that we are their “church service” on Sundays. We consider it a privilege to continue laboring as servants in the vast vineyard of Jesus Christ.

I ask for your prayers that the Lord will especially bless the messages this month on the theme Jesus Saves. It is our desire to continue broadcasting the Word by every possible avenue and through every open door, to the glory of God and the benefit of His people. Thank you for laboring prayerfully with us to that end.

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