Pen and paper

Till My Change Come


As we approach the end of another year we are once again reminded of the swift passage of time. The falling leaves of late autumn and the cold mornings of winter present a picture of life, as age takes its toll and we face the reality that death lies ahead. But even when the beautiful flowers of …

Willingly Ignorant


What a thrill to look into the sky on a clear night and see the brilliance of countless stars filling the heavens. Not only are you enthralled by their beauty, you can say, “My Father put them there and holds them in their place.” You enjoy the warmth of the sun on a beautiful summer day or stand …



The day in which we are living appears to be very much like the days when it was said, "every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6). The emphasis of our time is on independence. A favorite theme of many is the song made popular by Frank Sinatra, "I did it my way.” Young people …

Be Patient


In his epistle which is full of practical admonitions, James repeatedly encourages us to be patient. He says “let patience have her perfect work” (1:4), “be patient…unto the coming of the Lord” (5:7), “take, my brethren, the prophets…for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience” (5:10), …

The Aged Men


We live in a culture where the emphasis is on youth. The goal of many is to think young, act young, and look young. People are willing to spend a lot of money for vitamins and ointments and even more for cosmetic surgery to help them hold on to a youthful appearance.

Divine Diplomacy


Paul’s letter to Philemon not only provides us a great lesson in forgiveness, it gives us some valuable insight as to how the apostle approached a challenging issue involving fellow Christians. Onesimus was a slave who had run away from his master Philemon. In all probability he had stolen from his …

Assurance of Salvation


In nature man is unaware of his fallen, sinful state in the sight of a Holy God, but when one is born again he sees his sin and his need for the Savior. Some display their fallenness by denying the very existence of God while others, like the Pharisee, claim to be worthy on the basis of their …

These Words In Thine Heart


In Deuteronomy chapter six, God gives explicit instructions to parents regarding the teaching of their children. It is evident that teaching children is not to be a once a week event but to be done on a daily basis. It is not to be done just when the family has come together for devotions but when …

In the Time of Old Age


We live in a time when there is great emphasis placed on youth. In some cultures the aged are revered, their wisdom is highly respected; but today in America the focus is on youth. People are ready to buy ointments, pills and diet supplements which promise to make them look and feel young. Some are …