The Wickedness of Man Was Great In the Earth

Genesis 5:1 to 6:8 serves to connect the Creation and Fall events with the Flood. How do we get from Adam to Noah? What happened in the meantime? What made the Flood necessary? This passage serves as a bridge between these two great historical eras.Interestingly, the Bible is much more interested in the spiritual elements leading up to and following the Flood, than it is with the geological or even social elements. This is not to say there are not obvious geological and sociological impacts from the Flood, even today, but this is not what Moses, or God, is primarily concerned to draw our attention to.The inspired account in Genesis, rather, focuses on the inescapabilty of death, the pervasiveness of sin, and thus the total unexpectedness of God’s grace. Death is what every human deserves, judgment is what every person earns, rebellion is the universal way of humanity by nature.But wonderfully, unexpectedly God intervenes to overcome the inevitable, to counteract the universal, to give favor where none is due.