Unto You Is Born a Savior

Unto You Is Born a Savior

The gospel is more than just information. It is big news of big joy!

That's why Paul says angels desire to investigate the mystery of what Christ is doing in his church. It's not as though they don't know the story: they announced it on the day it began to unfold! But the majesty of the mystery, the greatness of glory, the joy of the coming of Jesus is something they, and we, will never delve the depths of.

Yet this big news was broadcast to and for small people! The fact that it is for "all" people means it is for small people! Even you and me. This is reflected even in how the birth announcement is sent out. It could have been an event televised around the world, watched on a jumbotron in Times Square. Instead, the army of heaven were sent to announce Jesus' birth to shepherds in a field.

The highest has, indeed, come even for the lowest.