Taking Hold of Eternal Life In the New Year

"Fight the good fight of the faith. Lay hold on the eternal life" (1 Timothy 6:12).Imagine eternal life is a sword. As you keep a firm grip on it, by faith in Jesus Christ, it is your great weapon against sin, despair, distraction, and the army of other spiritual enemies in Christian warfare.In this New Year, “Take hold of eternal life!” Grip it with all your might. When Satan tempts you with temporary pleasures – take hold of eternal life and cut that temptation down to the ground. When you don’t feel like waking up early to begin your day with God in Bible-reading and prayer – grab hold of eternal life and get out bed. And when you are fighting for joy in the midst of overwhelming discouragement or pain – take hold of eternal life and fight through the weariness to everlasting victory.

Scripture:  1 Timothy 6:11-21