The Sin of Sodom & the Mercy of God

Coming in our study of Genesis to chapter 19, the events here recorded are so horrific that it is challenging to even review them in a co-ed, multi-aged meeting. The sin of Sodom, and the accompanying judgment of God upon the city, has rightly and purposefully become proverbial.The destruction of Sodom is such a solemn event, such a warning sign planted into the soil of history, that it is often referenced afterward in Scripture as a reminder of God’s eternal punishment against all sin. Sodom is mentioned 48 times by name in the whole Bible; and 28 of those times (the majority!) are after its judgment by sulfurous fire. It is referenced 9 times in the New Testament alone, ranging all the way from Matthew to Revelation.Yet this is not only the story of the abounding sin of Sodom, but also of the astonishing mercy of God. The same God who justly condemns also graciously saves.