Samson Vs. Jesus

The Old Testament is often described as an anticipation of Jesus, but we might look at Samson and wonder how he would fit in with this. The answer, sadly, is that his life was a contrast to that of Jesus. So it is appropriate for us to ask: do we most resemble Samson, or Jesus?Do we try to be strong in our own strength, or depend by faith on God? Do we use the strength God gives us to serve ourselves, or others to the glory of God? Do we expect our greatest triumph to be for ourselves and in this life, or do we trust that Christ triumphs through his life and death?Yet, surprisingly perhaps, Hebrews tells us that -- in some sense -- we are to emulate Samson, despite all his tragic flaws. Samson, by faith, finds strength in all his failure and weakness. And you can too.

Scripture:  Judges 14:31