My Cup Is Running Over

A collection of photographs recently found and made public give a rare glimpse into everyday life during the American Civil War -- officers sitting down and sipping tea together, and whole families enjoying each other in front of their tent.However, even in this unusual find, there is one scene we know we will never come across -- officers sitting around and sipping tea while the battle of Gettysburg is taking place, or families enjoying each other in the middle of a dangerous skirmish. We know these things just don’t happen!Yet, this is precisely the scene the psalmist paints for us as he describes the life of every believer, in Psalm 23: "Lord, you spread a banquet for me, even in the middle of my enemies! My cup is running over."May your cup likewise overflow -- in your own soul and to everyone around you -- with the goodness of the good Shepherd, with the graciousness of his invitation into the household and hospitality of God himself.