Making Psalm 23 Your Own

We are taking Psalm 23, and its sure statements about God, and making it a prayer for ourselves. We are turning promises into prayer. We are, as Matthew Henry put it, "wrestling with God in his own strength."We are considering what the Psalm 23 says certainly does happen, and turning these truths about God into a prayer to God. A prayer we might outline with the main thought from each verse of Psalm 23:"Lord, Shepherd Me" (verse 1)."Lord, Lead Me" (verse 2)."Lord, Restore My Soul" (verse 3)."Lord, Be With Me" (verse 4)."Lord, Overflow My Cup" (verse 5)."Lord, Pursue Me Every Day" (verse 6).

Having the Lord be your shepherd has huge implications. You will have no need, never be lost, never be alone -- and this Shepherd will never let you go.

Scripture:  Psalms 23:1-6