Make It As Sure As You Can

Make It As Sure As You Can

Several great and persistent misconceptions exist in the minds of many concerning the core truths of Christianity.

First, the battle between God and Satan has not always existed. Satan is a created being. However, the battle has raged through thousands of years, the first battle that we witness being in the garden of Eden and an intensifying of the battle taking place in the wilderness.

Second, the love of God for his people has always existed. Ultimately, the reason we can know, as believers, for certain that God will not ever stop loving us is that he never started loving us (Jeremiah 31:3). And so...

Third, the question of whether we are saved is not answered by whether we have been good or bad, but by whether Christ was good for us, by whether we were represented in his good work.All of these issues come to a head at the cross of Jesus Christ, as we see what he endured there, and why. It is because Jesus made his work as sure as he could, that Satan’s work is surely undone.