The Lord Says to Enter the Ark

Although we commonly think of Genesis 5 to 10 as being the story of the great Flood, this does not fully express the richness of this biblical narrative.It is a bit like saying the Bible is the story of God’s judgment of sinners, or that Revelation is the story of God throwing sinners and demons into the lake of fire. While it is true that each of these passages include, as a vital part of their story line, the righteous judgment of God – the great story of the Bible is not merely judgment, but God’s redemption in spite of the judgment we all deserve as sinful humans.This is evident in the passage we are considering today (Genesis 6:9-7:5), in which only five verses are devoted to describing God’s determination to judge the world with a flood, yet all the rest of this portion of Scripture is dedicated to describing God’s careful, sufficient, merciful plan to accomplish salvation in the midst of this judgment!