Joseph's Brothers Return to Egypt

True to every believer’s experience, the trials through which Joseph’s father and brothers are subjected lead them into greater faith, greater spiritual maturity, greater awareness of God’s work in their lives.The one true God is specifically referenced three times in Genesis 43. God is seen as the source of mercy (v.14), of provision (v.23), and of grace (v.29).Also, God is seen as the covenant God of Abraham. God had described himself as ‘God Almighty’ when he confirmed his covenant with Abraham in Genesis 17, and now Jacob prays in the name of ‘God Almighty’ in Genesis 43. Even an Egyptian from Joseph’s household will refer to God as ‘the God of your father’, reminding us that this God is the covenant God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.When we see our need of mercy, we are drawn in prayer to the God of mercy. When we are in desperate need, we are reminded that all provision comes from God. And when we known we are guilty, then we look to the God of grace.But how can we be sure that God will be merciful to us, will give us what we need, will be gracious? It is because God is the covenant-making, covenant-keeping God.