Joseph Is a Faithful Slave

If you ever get the idea from God’s sovereignty, or from God’s grace, that there is no difference between obedience and disobedience, then you have severely misunderstood the message of Scripture. Joseph’s story is a stark contrast to Judah’s actions in Genesis 38. Where Judah’s story was one of scandalous sins, finally confessed and forgiven, Joseph’s story is the opposite. Joseph is consistently faithful to God in the midst of tremendous hurt, humiliation, and loneliness.Though Judah’s sins were forgiven and overruled for his own good after he confessed and repented, Joseph’s obedience is infinitely better. God is glorified in spite of Judah’s unfaithfulness; but God is glorified in and through Joseph’s faithful obedience. Obedience is so much better than disobedience forgiven and overruled. Better to be in prison for Jesus’s sake then free to pursue your own goals, ambitions, and sinful passions.