Jacob Wrestles With God

Ever hear the expression “out of the frying pan, into the fire”? That pretty much sums up Jacob’s situation here! He finally extricated himself from his slave-like condition under his uncle Laban, only to find himself facing a life-threatening encounter with his brother Esau as Jacob returns home. For this reason, Genesis 32 is – among other things – a lesson on how to handle fear and anxiety; on how to face painful crises; on how to deal with tough decisions that must be made.Another inescapable lesson from Genesis 32 is that we cannot expect to wrestle with God in agonizing, desperate prayer and expect to walk away from such an experience unchanged, unmoved, or untouched. But above all, we learn that God condescends to meet mere humans on our own level, and that the only hope for humanity is clinging by faith to the God-man for blessing.