Jacob Follows God Into Egypt

Passages like the one before us today in Genesis 46 should give us both a deep sense of trust in the God whom we serve – and a deep distrust of simple answers to the struggles we face in life.In Genesis 46 we read of the reunion between Jacob and his son Joseph. What a scene! So much joy, and yet some such sorrow. So much relief, and yet such a challenging future still ahead. God is good, and yet his ways are not our ways.As Jacob leads his entire family down into Egypt -- where they will remain for 400 years and eventually become slaves, God will assure Jacob of his blessing on this decision. Yet, even God’s promise will serve as a crucial reminder that every solution on earth is a temporary and partial solution, except one.The only solution to the problems of this world that is complete and everlasting is the solution of God’s presence with us. God himself is the gospel, the only good news that outweighs the many and real challenges we face.