Isaac's Birth & God's Faithfulness

Waiting can be one of the hardest things we do. It tests our faith in God's wisdom, and power, and love.Abraham knew what it was to wait for a long time, for something that would affect not only him and his wife but would impact the entire world. Abraham had been promised a child, a seed through whom God would bless the nations.Yet even as God brings about this long-awaited promise, with the birth of Isaac, we are at the same time reminded that even Abraham in his earthly life only got to see a small fraction of all God had in store for him and his posterity.How true to experience Abraham’s story is to every believer! Those who follow God are promised that one day every pain will come to an end, every wrong will be righted, every tear will be wiped away. Yet life here on earth is full of pain and wrongs and tears.God, yes, gives peace and love and joy to those who follow Jesus; but they now only experience a fraction of all that God has in store for them in eternity. We are enjoying God's faithfulness every day, yet waiting still for the fullness of all God has in store for his covenant people.