I Am the Way, the Truth, the Life

These are among the most famous words of Jesus, and most influential words in history. And they are not alone, or accidental – not a slip of the tongue on Jesus' part. Six times in John 14:7-11, Jesus makes the claim of oneness with the Father.Jesus was a man who claimed to be God! Not just some local, village god or a little stone idol you can put on your shelf to bring luck to your house – but the biblical God who created the universe with his words, parted the Red Sea, and wrote the Ten Commandments in stone with his finger.Think about this for a minute. If Jesus is right, how does (not just should) that change things? The meaning of life, the source of happiness, our hope for the future, the way to think about death – the answer to everything, quite simply but very profoundly, becomes: it's all about Jesus.