I Am the Bread of Life

When the Jewish people asked Jesus to give them miraculous food like Moses did, Jesus shockingly replies, "I am the bread of life."The food of which Jesus speaks is – unlike the Jews thought then and many think today – a Person, not a commodity. There is no separating the benefit of Jesus from the person of Jesus. Jesus did not come to merely give bread, like Moses, but to be our daily bread!Yet the way Jesus gives life and sustains us is often very different than what we expect. We may assume that feeding on Jesus will mean healing when we need it, peace when we want it, pleasant and quick answers to desperate and urgent prayers.But feasting on Jesus as Savior does not mean rejoicing in the many good things he gives us; in a sense, anyone could do this. Eating the Bread of Life means being nourished by Jesus when life otherwise seems deadly difficult. We find the body of Jesus, broken for us, most precious when we are broken ourselves.