He Saved Others

He Saved Others

The Bible is cross-centered. The whole Bible is full of the language of this event -- blood, crucify, sacrifice, slay.

The justice, mercy, wrath, pleasure, humility, jealousy, goodness, mystery of God all meet in climactic display on the cross. But so does the depravity, selfishness, envy, cruelty, and rebellion of humanity.

Yet the explanation for Jesus' suffering comes from the mouths of his own tormentors, as he hangs nailed to the wood: “He saved others.” This is the reason Jesus went to the cross, this is the reason Jesus stayed on the cross – He saved others. If your sins were not placed on Jesus, on the cross, then they will be punished in you forever.

Join us as we consider this climactic event in all of history: the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the place of sinners.