He Restores My Soul

The same David who wrote “I shall not want” wrote of the great Shepherd that “he restores my soul.”Clearly, then, "not wanting" does not mean we will not have discouragements, moments of feeling empty or even forsaken, times of hunger and thirst. Rather it means that the soul-hunger and soul-thirst we experience on earth will always be supplied and satiated by God himself, as we look to him by faith.This is God’s primary end in all that He does with us, even commands for us: He restores my soul. Yet he accomplished this by leading us in righteous paths for his own name's sake. Our soul is restored as we serve our great purpose, glorifying God by faithful, righteous lives. We pray, not only for the Shepherd's restoring, but for the Shepherd himself.To all who come to God with this prayer on their lips – no matter how broken their past, painful their present, or doubtful about the future – God always answers: "Yes. I will restore you. I will lead you. You will glorify me."