Goodness & Mercy Shall Follow Me

This word "follow" is powerful. Listen to the robust, vigorous, forceful ways it is elsewhere translated: "pursue, persecute, chase, hunt." Mercy is not just tagging along for the ride, somewhere back there in the rear-view mirror of your life. Heaven is hounding you with goodness!Grace shall pursue me. Even if God calls me to this place, or to that situation? Goodness will pursue me throughout my days of singleness without a spouse? Of childlessness? Into that boring vocation in order to provide for my family? Mercy will follow me, even with the mistakes I’ve made in the past, that themselves seem to pursue me relentlessly? Yes!Yes! And all the days of my life. There is not a single day – whether sunny or stormy, joyful or jaw-breaking, peaceful or painful – that God’s goodness and mercy will not hunt me down, take me captive, and carry me in his protecting, providing, overruling love.