The Flood Came Upon the Earth

The Flood Came Upon the Earth

As we observed in Genesis 6, the great story of the Bible is God’s redemption in spite of the judgment we all deserve. This is why Moses goes out of his way to describe how God saved faithful Noah from the great Flood that destroyed the rest of the world in his day.

Yet, the fact that these chapters record the true event of a great Flood that destroyed every person except the eight people on the Ark, makes the consideration of God’s judgment inescapable.

We cannot read these chapters without coming face to face with the fact that God judges sin; and righteous judgment is as severe as it is just. It is thorough and fair, and it is therefore horrible because the ones being judged truly deserve to be punished for rebellion against God.

When God comes to judge the world, the only one who can save us from God is God himself. It was God’s plan to judge the world for sin, it was God’s idea for Noah to build an ark, it was God’s grace which enabled Noah to believe and to build, and it was God who closed the door securely to preserve Noah and his family from his unspeakable judgment.