Carefree While Facing the Fire

Scripture:  Daniel 3:16-18
Carefree While Facing the Fire

"We are carefree."

We might expect to hear these words from the lips of vacationers lying by the side of the pool, or from retirees tinkering with their favorite hobby... but from three young men who are facing execution because of their faith?Yet this is the case with the three Hebrew children Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They were about to be thrown into a furnace of fire, and yet they were able to say, "We are not full of care, we have no need in this dire situation." What kind of people are so carefree in the face of tremendous affliction and opposition?As we will learn from their own mouths, genuinely carefree people are not those who have no troubles. Rather, those who face affliction peacefully and confidently are those who see the greatness of God, trust in the goodness of God, and know the surpassing worthiness of God.

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