Is Anything Too Hard For the Lord?

In Genesis 18, God reminds Abraham there is nothing to hard for the Lord. God is sovereignly working, even in our most difficult or lengthy trials.Yet, the Lord confers to Abraham the amazing privilege of being a conduit of blessing to the world. The fact that God is the God of the impossible does not mean Abraham should just sit on the sidelines and watch what happens. The same God who sovereignly brings salvation has also sovereignly chosen Abraham as an instrument through whom He will work.Based then on God's sovereign working and God's sovereignly calling him, Abraham boldly perseveres before the Lord.The applications of this basic pattern – when seen in our supplication, intercession, personal devotion and evangelism, global missions – will be heart-changing, faith-fueling, life-inspiring, and world-impacting!

Scripture:  Genesis 18:1-33