Barna confirms what we all know


A recent Barna survey confirms what one can also see by personal observation. While many areas of life, such as morality and service, are greatly impacted by Christian faith in America today, others, such as finances and entertainment, show little difference between the churched and the unchurched: …

Famous last words


"You have been used to take notice of the sayings of dying men. This is mine: that a life spent in the service of God, and communion with Him, is the most comfortable and pleasant life that anyone can live in this world." -- Matthew Henry

An interview with Ken Ham


A little over a week ago I had the opportunity to interview Ken Ham for an upcoming Baptist Bible Hour broadcast. Ken's Answers In Genesis and BBH are partnering on July 18-20, 2008 to host Creation Weekend . I was thankful for the opportunity to visit with Ken again and look forward to sharing the …

Take heed to yourself and the doctrine


CPBC hosted our annual conference for pastors and deacons Tuesday, March 18 through Thursday, March 20. The theme for the 2008 preachers’ meeting came from Paul's instruction to Timothy: “take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine” (1Timothy 4:16). Here we find two of the most important …

Expelled (the movie) starts April 18th


It looks like Ben Stein's movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed , a documentary on the suppression of any counter-evolutionary thinking or evidence in the academic community, is set to open nationwide in theaters around the country on Friday, April 18th. Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis has already …

Root canals and Romans 5:3


My dentist of over forty years is a very kind and gentle man. It was with genuine regret that he informed me week before last that I needed to go to a specialist for a root canal. I cringed at the thought but my wife reassured me that when she had one it was not bad. But much to my chagrin I …

Castro, quarters, and crowns


As I was reading the news of Fidel Castro's resignation on Tuesday of his position as dictator over Cuba, I was struck by a particular piece of reporting. The observation was made that "Castro has been Cuba’s unchallenged leader since 1959. Monarchs excepted, he was the world’s longest ruling head …

55 years on the radio


When I made the first broadcast of the Baptist Bible Hour fifty-five years ago this month, it was on one local station and was done live from the church auditorium at 8:30 Sunday mornings. A year later we started adding other stations and I am indeed thankful the Lord has blessed us to continue on …