The soul is the man


Someone recently shared with me an excellent excerpt from Matthew Henry's private letters, this one to a friend: What if I should, therefore, (having no other business at present), give you a few serious lines, which may, perhaps, be of some spiritual advantage to your soul. I have been lately …

Lost in the middle


I recently read the book Lost In The Middle, by Paul David Tripp. It is billed as being about midlife and the grace of God, but it provides insight and valuable instruction for Christians of all ages. Tripp writes at length about our dreams. He acknowledges that it is not wrong to dream but our …

The Last Days according to Jesus


Last year, as I was preaching a series through the book of Matthew and nearing the Olivet Discourse (chapters 24-25), I was still frantically looking for any additional materials I could find on the subject. A pastor friend of mine recommended R. C. Sproul's The Last Days According to Jesus, so I …

Awake, my soul!


I have sung this hymn since childhood, memorized several of the verses in adulthood, and always been blessed by its powerful call to soul-worship. Recently, I discovered some new verses to the song, which have been equally edifying: Awake, My Soul, and with the Sun Awake, my soul, and with the …

Culture Shift


I recently enjoyed Al Mohler's book Culture Shift . It is a surprisingly short and easy read, considering the convoluted and challenging issues that he addresses in each chapter. In fact, the book feels as though it is perhaps a collection of posts from Al Mohler's blog which, if you are familiar …

I’m watching you, Dad!


Dads, are you paying attention to your life? Because your children are watching your every move and word and decision. "These words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine …

Thoughts on the election


This worthwhile post by my friend Kurt Strassner at The Rest Stop is worth considering during the upcoming election. While we often ask, "What can my government do for my wallet?" the point the apostle Peter emphasizes is that the government's chief role is to uphold justice for each human within …

Where do you come from?


Here is a simultaneously humorous and sobering thought from one of my favorite preachers Scotchman Sinclair Ferguson, who now pastors a church in South Carolina. In a message on the tongue, Ferguson points out how careful we must be, not only with what we say but also with how we say it:

My soul breathed after God


I recommend to you David Brainerd's Blog , as well as this excerpt from it: Thursday, Sept. 24th (before his death from tuberculosis on October 9th): My strength began to fail exceedingly; which looked further as if I had done all my work: however, I had strength to fold and superscribe my letter. …

Why we’re not emergent


I recently read the book by that title authored by Kevin Deyoung, who is a pastor, and Ted Kluck, who is a journalist. The two different styles of writing provide an interesting insight into what the emergent church is all about. As stated on the cover, the book “gives both a theological and an …